Thank your for your support!

Thank you so much for supporting American YouthWorks' 16th Annual Help Clifford Help Kids Celebration presented by The Clifford Antone Foundation. Together, we raised more than $368,000 to help young people in our community.

Our event was a huge success thanks to the kindness and generosity of people like you.

American YouthWorks helps young people achieve their potential, greets each new young person with respect and love, and then expects great things from them. We ask each participant to not only work hard at improving themselves, but to make a significant effort to help others in our community by completing important service projects. Our youth are building wheelchair ramps for the elderly, helping communities recover from natural disasters, and much more. All this would not be possible without you.

We are honored you participated in this year's celebration and shared in the legacy of Clifford Antone and Robin Shivers by personally making a difference for others.

Your support will enable us to continue serving our communities and give more young people opportunities to improve their lives.


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Parc Smith                                                                    Susan Antone

CEO, American YouthWorks                                        Help Clifford Help Kids