The Clifford Antone Foundation Presents


2017 Robin Shivers Award Recipient: Margaret Moser

On Wednesday, November 8,  American YouthWorks will present this year's Robin Shivers Award for Outstanding Philanthropic Legacy to the late Margaret Moser. 


Margaret Moser lived her life in service of everything associated with Austin music. Her career in music journalism more resembled civil service than a license to indulge in parties and rock & roll, although if you were at all familiar with our honoree, you know plenty of the latter occurred as well! 

Margaret’s devotion to documenting the arts – not just music, but film, visual arts, even comedy – manifested itself in enough newspaper ink to repaint the Bullock Texas State History Museum. She started her writing career in 1976 at the Austin Sun and concluded three decades later at the Austin Chronicle in 2014.

Her professional mission fed her personal activism. There wasn’t a line between her job and Margaret’s innate need to help musicians and really any creative being endeavoring to better society through art.

From the heights of international acclaim to grass roots local acts, Margaret never turned away a musician in need of a meal, a place to sleep, or solely their first, last, and/or current piece of press. 

She became foundational to the Austin music industry infrastructure through her work with South by Southwest, HAAM, SIMS, and decades of personally stewarding the Austin Music Awards. 


Margaret was a den mother to three generations of native-born music greats. She not only acted as a booster of local clubs and all those that frequented them, she served local government, local TV, locals period.  

Celebrating Margaret is celebrating this city and its beacon to the world.